Hwa Yuan Restaurant
Hwa Yuan Restaurant

Hwa Yuan would like to welcome all the newcomers to the surrounding area of Austin. We hope this vibrant, warm, and diverse city we gladly call home keeps you as it has kept us, for years to come. Hwa Yuan translates to "Chinese Flower Garden" and it's a restaurant, a unique restaurant. There is a beautifully cast wall of stone seperating the main dining room and the bar, where you can see authenic Oriental drawings and artifacts. In the main room you can view a detailed painting of an ancient Chinese city spanning over 30 feet long, and enjy lunch or dinner in an elegant, comfortable setting. For larger crowds, a sperate party room is available. There the setup is brighter and more colorful with moore paintings and ancient Chinese calligraphy on the walls.

Besides the neat interior design, the food and service at Hwa Yuan are also fantastic.

If you are in need of a healthy, delicious, satisfying meal at lunch, the most efficient way is to come by and try our buffet - over 20 hearty entree items, fruit & salads, soups, and desserts; served 11:00 am to 2:30 pm. There are also menu items and for dine-in or take-out.

You may want to come in for a nice dinner with friends, a date, or your family. You can enjoy our various menu entrees, get some take-out, or indulge in our seafood buffet featuring fresh seafood like oysters, shrimp, crab legs and much, much more. Served 4:45 pm - 10 pm.

We hope to see you soon

11150 Research Blvd. (Suite 201)
(Balcones Woods Shopping Center)
Austin, Tx 78759

Tel: (512)345-9781
Fax: 342-2165

Open 7 Days A Week
*Free Delivery*

$15 Minimum (Fee applied after 3 miles)